Waiver of Liability

Effective date: September 25, 2020


I understand that this offer uses the Feldenkrais Method™ of somatic education known as Awareness Through Movement™ lessons. The Feldenkrais Method is an educational system that uses a focus on movement as a means to physical, mental and emotional transformation. My decision to participate is voluntary. I understand that the lessons will involve light to moderate physical activity. I certify that I am able to engage in such activity.

I understand that progress in this educational system comes through gentleness and attentiveness. I agree to refrain from forceful or straining actions. I agree to remain within my own range of comfort. I agree to refrain completely from any movements that seem unwise or excessive for me.

I understand that the Feldenkrais Method is not a medical treatment, nor a substitute for such.

I understand that participation does not include any warranty for effectiveness.

I understand that the Feldenkrais Method is an inherently gentle process and that physical injury is rare. However, any movement practice has some risk. I assume that risk myself.

I agree to release the Practitioner, Peggy Schubert, from any liability for any personal injury that may result from my participation.

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